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Practice Cover II.jpg
Practice What You Praise
Pregnant and unwed, Jojo was quickly dismissed from the church's praise team, though the baby's father (a choir musician) remained in his position thanks to his familial ties at church. Two years later, Jojo believes she's paid the price for her choices and wants her spot back--after all, anyone who has ever seen her dance knows that she's anointed to praise Him in the dance. But how long must one "sit down" before being reinstated? Isn't a repentant heart and a humbled spirit enough? Pastor Trigg wants to lead the church in the right direction, but the congregation seems quite divided about how to move forward with letting Jojo--who is still in high school--dance in the sanctuary. Will allowing her to dance set a bad precedent? Can the members forgive and forget? While trying to sort through what's best for the church, his personal life seems to be a total bust. Will he ever find true love? This debut work deals with a sensitive topic while maintaining a uniquely humorous point of view. Jojo will have you laughing out loud and make you while the story line begs the question: Who gives whom the right to praise?
Tithes Cover III.jpg
Only Tithes Will Tell

Does tithing put a restraining order on trouble?
Facing eviction, unemployment and more past due notices than provision, Lennox O'Day doesn't think so. But it's hard to convince her husband, Zeke that prophecies won't pay the bills.

Brighton Finch is spiritually depleted, wields her bank account like a weapon and is ready to evict her baby from her belly. Instead of glorifying God, Bright uses her ten percent to put others to shame. Will a secret God only knows finally knock her off her entitlement?

Cassidy Moore can sing Heaven down, but can't summon a psalm to protect her anointing...or save her life. Will Cassidy find the strength to lift her voice - or will the next note she sings be her last?

Do first fruits supersede God's Commandments?
…Only Tithes Will Tell

Catching Feelings for Christmas
Addicted to numbers, sweets and her infamous hair bundles, single mother and television personality Haverty Jones is focusing on growing her eyebrows back, testing products for her show and giving her daughter, Hero the best Christmas ever. …not to mention she’s accepting applications for a little company to snuggle with beneath the mistletoe.

Natural hair care sensation Mordecai Dawkins is charming, divorced, and has a smile that makes the ladies’ sugar rise. He believes he’s found his “good thing” in Haverty, but will an ex from Christmas past hurl a lump of coal in their holiday romance?

Add a first date at a fake funeral, a place called Christmas Everyday and one Grinch of a secret…will Haverty and Mordecai find themselves coming to blows or will they get caught catching feelings just in time for Christmas?
No extra blessings 2019 COVER.jpg
No Extra Blessings

The ministry of motion is one of the most powerful, effective, creative marriages between art and the soul. Ministers of dance bring joy, worship on the frontline to set the atmosphere, and usher audiences to their breakthrough! But when not done in EXCELLENCE, the ministry simply becomes a dance. And without The Holy Spirit, the dance becomes entertainment. No Extra Blessings tackles the differences between ministry and performance, representing faith on and off the platform, social media shenanigans, worship garments, and so much more. Want a practical way to elevate your praise? Dance between the pages and remember: "If it wiggles, jiggles, shakes or jumps - strap it down and cover it up! NO EXTRA BLESSINGS.    

Taco Cover NEW 3_8_21.jpg
The Taco-Pology

When a Taco Tuesday outing between frenemies turns into a nasty brawl that goes viral, reality superstar Presley Pope finds herself jobless, friendless, homeless…and follower-less. Her star vehicle – The Cutting Board, cancels her contract, her fiercely loyal Taco-heads vilify her, and her fiancé evicts her from their swanky condo...all on the same day. Humiliated, Presley retreats to her beloved aunt’s sofa eating her weight in tacos, until her ex unexpectedly hatches the perfect plan: Apologize to the ladies and get back on the show. Presley excitedly agrees, but since she’s far from remorseful, she’ll just have to lie before she gets real. Presley’s redemption tour gets off to a tumultuous start as the co-stars hilariously repay her evil shenanigans one by one. Just as she convinces everyone she’s been delivered from pettiness and reclaims her throne, tragedy strikes - turning Presley’s fake repentance real. Will a vicious secret return Presley to her spiteful ways, or will an old flame help her redeem herself just in time to be the woman she pretends to be? The Taco-pology is a heart-warming, tear-jerking journey through healing, redemption, and triumph, all at the helm of the almighty taco!

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