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You want to write the book, but you're not sure where to start, or you've been writing., and you're unsure if you're doing it the WRITE way. Tomorrow isn't a verb, it's an EXCUSE. It's time to WRITE now, and pen your way to your legacy!


On OCTOBER 22, 2022, the Write the Book Already/1 Day  Book Camp is where you need to be to learn writing/publishing basics, how to overcome writer's block, how to outline and structure your book, start the first chapter and MORE. Facilitated by author and award-winning editor Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson, Write The Book Already not only tackles the fundamentals, it will show you how to capture the hearts between the pages!

WHAT: Write the Book Already! 1-Day Book Camp

WHEN: 10/22/22

TIME: 8:30 AM - 1 PM

WHERE: Liberate Church: 10503 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX

REGISTRATION COST: $75 ($100 VIP includes personalized journal/t-shirt)




Let's WRITE now!!!    


Submit payment via Paypal by clicking the "REGISTER" button. When submitting payment, include first/last name & include WRITE ALREADY in the notes. (VIP registrants, please include t-shirt size)

The first step to CREATING is realizing that YOU are good enough. Your concept, vision, “voice,” – your GIFT deserves to be heard. Not compared, criticized or picked apart. Your ART is the unique blueprint GOD has given YOU to advance from the PIT to the PALACE. Your GIFT is the coat of many colors people may envy, but don’t have the POWER to pillage. It's time to wear your "coat" with PRIDE.

These pages are designed to motivate, inspire, encourage and AFFIRM you to SUCCESS. Believe the words, speak them, then spill your heart on the pages.

This one's for you, Creative. You got this.





candice "ordered steps" johnson

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