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Simply put, Creatives need prayer, too! Every day, we put our gifts on the line, and our hearts on our art, hoping that the mustard seed will grow into full-blown success...but success doesn't come without praying!


Created to Pray: 30 Days of Prayers for Creatives is now available! Whether we're feeling the sting o rejection or the anxiety of "getting it right," God must be on the other side of those creations. We may not have 10,000 tongues, but we have one mouth. And we can use that mouth to petition Heaven for us to WIN! Praying isn't a trend, it's a way of life. And it starts right here, with 30 days of heart-felt prayers to help us along the journey!  Written by author and award-winning editor Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson, Created to Pray are practical ways to bring our cares to the altar, and our art to GOD!


Paperback: $14.99/$5 shipping

(e-book available soon)



Let's pray!!!    


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The first step to CREATING is realizing that YOU are good enough. Your concept, vision, “voice,” – your GIFT deserves to be heard. Not compared, criticized or picked apart. Your ART is the unique blueprint GOD has given YOU to advance from the PIT to the PALACE. Your GIFT is the coat of many colors people may envy, but don’t have the POWER to pillage. It's time to wear your "coat" with PRIDE.

These pages are designed to motivate, inspire, encourage and AFFIRM you to SUCCESS. Believe the words, speak them, then spill your heart on the pages.

This one's for you, Creative. You got this.





candice "ordered steps" johnson

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