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You..yes, YOU!!! We envision, stay up late nights, pour long hours, sneak moments here & there to work, pour our hearts into our art, create like crazy & pray our dreams come true! Often we hear so many "NO's" that we try to close the door on our purpose before finally receiving the single YES which leads to our BREAKTHROUGH. Rejection, hectic schedules and all those little things which sift time from investing time into our vision can frustrate us to no end; sometimes, we just need a simple push to make it to the finish line. That's where "Hey, Creative" comes in!

Envisioned by author Candice "ORDERED STEPS" Johnson who lives faithfully through affirmations, Hey Creative is a personalized, spiral-bound journal boasting affirmations to keep you on the track to creating, speaking specifically to YOU on every page. Not only is your name on the cover, but it's included with every affirmation in the book. 

Be encouraged, get uplifted and prepare to SOAR, as Hey Creative equips and empowers you to KEEP GOING. Your DREAMS don't stop...why should YOU?

Order your copy of Hey, Creative today & watch your DREAMS MANIFEST!!!!

The first step to CREATING is realizing that YOU are good enough. Your concept, vision, “voice,” – your GIFT deserves to be heard. Not compared, criticized or picked apart. Your ART is the unique blueprint GOD has given YOU to advance from the PIT to the PALACE. Your GIFT is the coat of many colors people may envy, but don’t have the POWER to pillage. It's time to wear your "coat" with PRIDE.

These pages are designed to motivate, inspire, encourage and AFFIRM you to SUCCESS. Believe the words, speak them, then spill your heart on the pages.

This one's for you, Candice. You got this.





candice "ordered steps" johnson

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